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Nature Soundscape Player

freeware version
for Windows,
for Mac OS X,
for Linux.
Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian
languages are embedded

Aura is a desktop utility that uses soothing nature sounds in order to create a comfortable atmosphere.
The program appears as an icon in the system tray and plays real delectable sounds of a forest.
A click on the icon turns on or off the sounding. Right click opens the Aura Control Board.

Daylight Forest

Here you can select between a daytime and nighttime forest environment
and also customize the frequency of acoustic elements (birds, insects, frogs, beasts, wind, rain etc.).
You can assign your own sound files to intersperse on soundscape, set alarm function and sounds,
mute or sounding autostart of the program, autochange of auras, scheduled computer mute/sleep/shutdown option,
system hotkeys, modular live update, choose a language for user interface.

Move your computer outdoors!


Full version

File Aura.zip (118,377 K)
umopit.ru or dfiles.eu

Starter version 2.8.0b.78 to ease download
AuraStarter.zip (20,258 K)
asfreeware.ru or depositfiles.com
birds and insects only
with further step-by-step live update
up to full version

To run Aura on Mac OS X use Wineskin and these or these icons.

To run Aura on Linux use Wine.


Aura Antivirus Reports
Aura Installation Video Tutorial

"Aura is a complete set of nature sounds
straight in your system tray;
sit back and let the sounds of the forest
unwind you after a long day's work.
Easily customizable, features hotkey support
and it's all free of charge!"

For self-reliant design of soundscapesVersionSize
User's optional nature sounds1&21,495 K
User's optional nature sounds310,503 K
User's optional nature sounds411,571 K
User's optional nature sounds511,970 K
User's optional nature sounds612,804 K

"Sounds are extremely crisp and customizable"
"Absolutely beautiful"
"Very cool!"
"This program adds a calming effect to one's computer"
"It's very native, sounds are realistics"
"I turn Aura on every day for my budgie - he loves it"
"Great! I love the sounds"
"I love the customization and the birds are great!"



"The expression, the revelation of nature's musical poetry"
Michel Veigh, France


User's optional music sounds11,355 K
User's optional music sounds23,418 K
User's optional music sounds311,001 K
User's optional music sounds43,787 K
User's optional music sounds514,423 K
User's optional music sounds64,000 K
User's optional music sounds73,982 K
User's optional music sounds810,552 K
User's optional music sounds911,562 K
User's optional music sounds1010,468 K
User's optional music sounds113,155 K
User's optional music sounds1211,075 K
User's optional music sounds1316,981 K
User's optional music sounds1413,817 K
User's optional music sounds1513,228 K
User's optional music sounds1612,457 K
User's optional music sounds1713,969 K
User's optional music sounds1815,188 K
User's optional music sounds1914,299 K
User's optional music sounds209,173 K
User's optional music sounds2112,531 K
User's optional music sounds2227,386 K
User's optional music sounds2323,966 K
User's optional music sounds2432,679 K
User's optional music sounds2519,470 K
User's optional music sounds2622,639 K
User's optional music sounds2742,859 K
User's optional music sounds2821,502 K
User's optional music sounds295,243 K
User's optional music sounds3023,125 K
User's optional music sounds3111,179 K
User's optional music sounds3229,755 K
User's optional music sounds3342,414 K
User's optional music sounds3414,683 K
 For self-reliant design of artworks VersionSize
Landscapes by Serge Eleferov19,055 K
Creatures by Serge Eleferov193,808 K
Landscapes by Nicolai Bryantsev2173,232 K
Plants by Nicolai Bryantsev292,219 K
Animals by Nicolai Bryantsev117,422 K
Insects by Nicolai Bryantsev17,194 K
Butterflies by Nicolai Bryantsev1133,035 K
Birds by Nicolai Bryantsev234,145 K

If on some reason you can't use Live Update from the program,
please check in Aura Information for missing or old components,
choose them from the following table, download and run.
Please begin from the Program Shell:

Update nameMirrorVersionSize
The program shell update2.8.0b736 K
Background sounds of daylight forest171,027 K
Winged daylight foresters226,326 K
Rooks and crows in daytime forest8818 K
Woodpeckers1217 K
Cuckoos1867 K
Grasshoppers616,315 K
Background sounds of night forest218,736 K
Winged foresters in the night184,515 K
Nightingales22,407 K
Frogs13,666 K
Beasts in the night61,051 K
Near flights of birds3594 K
Near flights of insects6867 K
Wind in a forest12,121 K
Brook and waterfall6448 K
Rain52,910 K
Thunder Roarings (sound only with Rain!)78,994 K
Bonfire5491 K
Guitar3239,190 K
Accordion614,557 K
Flute710,459 K
Hourly sounds42,873 K
Sounds for alarm clock45,179 K